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Can a civil suit solve our problem?0Welder2012-08-20 09:11:28
I will try to make a really long story short ... A couple of months some friends of my husband asked if I wanted to sell his car so he could buy another of his car lot. Actually, it seems strange at a time, because my husband has done business with them a few times before. Well anyway, he said told our vehicle to your car lot and they sell it and pay for it, so we could get some. Well, that was in June. The vehicle was sold in July. They still have not paid off vehicle. Needless to say ... no longer friends. We have tried to report the vehicle stolen, but police were unable to prove that it was actually stolen. We were told to talk to the DMV inspector and my husband did. The DMV inspector told my husband who was very familiar with these guys and said they have more than 20 complaints against them. Get this ... I even told my husband who was in the process of trying to find the file because my husband was already at his desk. People who bought our car in cash and had filed a complaint against them because they had not received the title of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the inspector said that these guys are very good at jacking people money without actually breaking the law. He also said that although they knew what they were doing was wrong he would not be able to help us get our money ... which seemed very strange to me above all is that we are still paying for the insurance and still have our labels. I even told my husband that if we were not even bother to make a civil claim because it can take years. We also wrote the attorney general and filed a complaint and have not heard anything yet. And to make matters worse, the car lot closed a week ago. Meanwhile, my husband received a letter from the bank that financed that they will start to garnish your whole paycheck until the vehicle is paid. Please tell me we can do! This horrible and my husband should not have to pay for a car you are driving a stranger. We can not afford to do that. A friend told me I should definitely make a civil claim because that would take the burden of finance outside of us and I wonder if that's true ... We're almost out of options.
Here's a good one for you all to solve! Your soon to be Ex will not be civil about anything?2SHORTY2012-08-26 20:44:17
and continually says things that hurt like "a piece of shit value " etc and so on , which has been separated for over a year and her boyfriend has been living in a residence there for 9 months, along with three other adults they grow, you have paid for twelve years. You've done everything you know to be ambiable , to pay for everything, providing insurance, etc etc have now had enough and are tired of being treated this way . Therefore, you can get down right ugly and let you have it, seeking half of the equity in the property . or. buy out , along with informing the lawyer of that time living in as well as others and there are activities that may include drug use wants the property back is not an option now because too many bad just tired memories.your to be seized of life and other dependents. What would you do ? And there is a child of twelve years old , but now he is brainwashed and full custody of him probably is not an option
Will I lose the civil suit that has been filed against me and what should I do?8see V-LINK2012-04-10 11:48:25
I live in New Jersey and I have 20 years , manufacturers have NJ insurance , but the car was registered under the name of my father. I was in an accident 2 years ago when a vehicle ran a red light and left my car. The car that hit me was a van and had no significant damage. Due to no fault and no witnesses , we were to pay for our own damages , since the other driver said he ran a red light. There were 4 or 5 passengers , but when I ask if there had been no injuries , they said no and went after the police report was filed , but before the ambulance arrived I check out . I was unhurt , but nervous , but struck an unusual cause this was my first accident. Two years later , the other driver has filed a lawsuit against me alleging that struck him, and they told me to contact his lawyer. He waited until 3 days before the limitation period ran to file, and I doubt he was injured in the accident, but do not know what to expect. I'll be paying for it?
What happens in court during a civil suit (auto accident)?0Cold cold ˉ 2012-09-25 11:48:03
I was involved in a car accident in California , I'm to blame . I did not have enough insurance coverage to pay for damage to the other person , so the insurance company of the other driver is suing me for almost $ 5,000.00 , costs that my insurance does not cover . MedlinePlus I have contacted my insuance company about it and they are dragging their feet . There is already a court date set for about 6 months from now , and I'm a little worried , of course . I thought my insurance company had to provide a lawyer ? How I can even begin to prepare for a case? What exactly will happen when I'm there in court? Can anyone give me a play by play of what happens in these cases ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also , I was told that there is a possibility of reducing the amount you have to pay for finacial circumstances ( college student , work retail , lost as a result of this accident , and now I'm back in retail ) , but " I have heard more about the interests and people ( at-fault ) having their wages garnished and pay a lot more for interest , is likely to happen to me? :/
Civil suit and primary residences in Pennsylvania?0Lyra2012-08-28 03:27:02
I live in New York , but a friend of mine lives in Pennsylvania . His wife had a car accident where the other party found that the fault total. Accounts of his wife four months in hospital and rehabilitation stay totals more than $ 400,000 . Insurance has collected most of the fees . Your wife will have difficulty walking the rest of his life . His lawyer found guilty of being the owner of a house . It is the principal residence of the party. The question is : Does the victim have the legal right to take control of a principal residence in Pennsylvania through a civil lawsuit ?
I have a civil suit approaching. The insurance company wants over 4000.00.?1Derek2012-06-15 23:48:57
Was the smallest rear "hit" you can imagine , but she was looking for a dress before she has both feet out of your car! I got fired from my job three months. I'm back and just getting by as it is. I have a wife and 2 children to support. I have no property or money in the bank. I have nothing but bills. If they take my car , I can not work. What will happen to me once the court rules in your favor? (which is certain to happen )
When you file civil suit with the courts how long the process?0Haru2012-07-30 05:02:57
when you file civil suit against the insurance company cars have working document of the police against the insurance company of its daily work pervil sure what you gain time before the spam from the company to pay
I am getting a problem with my motorcycle alarm, it keeps going off. how do i solve the problem?0Tareena-- check my answer please2012-09-29 11:24:02
my insurance insists that I use the alarm , but I can not trust the ' s already begun to annoy neibours . MedlinePlus I had the bike again , is only 14 months old , the alarm was fitted with the bike as part of the deal. MedlinePlus has worked well so far ti'll , MedlinePlus what should I do ? I looked in the manual, I have had to reset ago , now I'm at a loss , but it still happens .
Need legal advice - possible civil suit - my rights - statute ending soon?0hammer2012-07-17 19:06:02
I bought a new RV a few years ago. It includes a manufacturer warranty of 3 years. Literally, 3 weeks before the warranty expiration date, a skylight leaked, causing damage inside the main cast and all the main living room (sofa, walls, cabinets, dining and banks, carpets, etc.). It was the off season, so there was in it for several weeks. Apparently, that is why the mold grew after the escape. We called to make a warranty claim, but the manufacturer says that the skylight was excluded from the warranty (which we do not see anywhere in the documentation). We called our insurance company and file a claim. The officer arrived and took photographs, but later that said mold is not covered and that is a warranty issue. I tried dealing with it for a few months, but I am disabled and it's hard to focus, besides my husband had 2 major surgeries in a few months after the damage occurred RV (and a few months between the surgeries), then He was diagnosed with lung cancer cancer of nowhere about 1 year after injury RV (which is only 38 and has never been a smoker), so between my illness and disability and recovery from surgery and treatments now cancer, I had to keep putting the issue of RV on the back burner. There was even a lawyer to help me at any given time. But he waited and waited for me to obtain documents from the dealership and the manufacturer and by the time I did (last month), he said there was no time to file a lawsuit because the prescription ends in 1 month. So now I'm trying on my own, but next week will be 2 years since the damage was found. I think that's the date on which the limitation period is based on, right? What I can do with literally just a few days? I called our Consumer Hotline (Office of Attorney General of Oregon). They said they would send a letter to the manufacturer with respect to breach its warranty, giving manufacturer of 2 weeks to respond. But if this fails, I can not use the trial as a plan B, as the statute that has passed. ¿I can go to court and file a claim? I know it's not the case of minor (the RV is in ruins -. Bought for $ 38,000 minor not have a limit). Does it cost much to file a civil lawsuit? Is there a way to extend the time I have to file a lawsuit on the basis of extenuating circumstances? May extend the limitation period? Oh, and I should mention: still owe on the loan from the time they financed the VD. I told the lender about way back at first, thinking it might file a lawsuit based on the fact that your warranty is damaged and the greatly reduced value. But you just said to keep on my progress compared to the situation. I tried to free legal aid here in Oregon. They said they do not have anyone who can help me in my rural area. Any advice or suggestions? I appreciate it!
Can a civil lawsuit be filed without the defendant being served suit documents?0Niraj2012-11-03 15:16:14
I live in california. I was in an automobile accident with a passenger on november 20th, 2009. my passenger was hurt with minor injuries in that accident and my auto insurance tried to settle with her multiple times over the past two years. I was informed a few weeks back by my insurance that they had reason to believe that my passenger who was hurt would try to sue before the statute of limitations ran out on this case, which was november 20th, 2011. I checked the county courts website over the past few days and sure enough, there was a motion to file suit against me on the courts website. Now, I have not been called, approached by, or contacted in any way by anyone serving any documents in relation to this in any way. My parents live at my previous address and have said that they havent received anything there and I haven't received anything at my new address either. My question is this because I have no idea: Doesn't the passenger who is trying to sue have to have a process server physically serve me with paperwork in regards to this matter before she can sue? The statute of limitations ran out on sunday, november 20th, and again I have not been contacted by anyone in regards to any lawsuit. Anyone with any information who can give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
What is the statue of limitations on filing a civil suit on a person reference a car accident in the state of?1Patrick2012-08-12 04:00:02
In 1999 my son was 16 years old @ the time. He was involved in a search folder minor. A woman 80 years of age , a fact supported him in an attempt to enter a turning lane. An officer was sent. The exchange of information took place . No injuries or damage to any vehicle . Almost four years later, December 24, 2003 a civil lawsuit was filed against us. The person who really lied to my son hit him. Now this person has died two years ago, but the insurance company is after us. This woman of 80 years of age, had a history of medical problems ( she says it happened in the accident) ... My question is WHAT IS THE STATUE OF LIMITATIONS FOR FILING A CIVIL ACTION IN A CAR ACCIDENT IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA ? Furthermore, the plantiff has died and has a pending case for legalization is it legal , it must be the civil case in the will because this person is deceased ? Furthermore, it occurred to my son my son did not hit . What can we do to stop this unfair lawsuit ... HELP .......
In a civil suit against a local city government, is it a good strategy to enjoin their liability insurance co.0Ebone2012-07-29 09:48:58
In a civil suit against a local city government, is it a good, effective strategy to enjoin their Liability Insurance Carrier, who's adjuster, as expected, rejected the claim for damages submitted to the city's risk management department? Should the insurance carrier be included and listed as a co-defendant in the pleading for damages? Or, should the suit/pleading be amended to direct the complaint solely against the city's Liability insurance carrier and be treated or approached similar to an auto personal injury case? Signed, "Plaintiff in Pro Per"

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