My apartment is next to a burn unit and now the burn unit has flooded my apartment. Can I break my lease? related questions

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My apartment is next to a burn unit and now the burn unit has flooded my apartment. Can I break my lease?0X2012-08-20 07:15:03
The apartment is a townhouse in a building with 8 units. There are 4 units on my side and 4 units on the back side. On my side, 3 of the units are vacant and the unit on my left is a burn unit! The apartment has broken windows, a boarded up window, and broken glass in the front yard of the unit. We signed the lease moved in on friday 1/7/2011. We got half off the first months rent and the monthly rent is discounted by $50/ month. We assumed the rent was discounted it to lure in someone stupid enough not to mind living next to a burn unit. The other apartments are vacant and we have no neighbors- again , we are assuming this also has something to do with the discounted rent. Last night, a pipe burst in the burn unit and our apartment was flooded. A lady who lives on the back side of the building also had her apartment flooded. She said this is the third time this has happened. Although the lease does say that they are supposed to make prospective tenants aware of previous floods, our lease does not make note of any previous floods. I am aware that unless there is some sort of renters insurance (and there is not) that our damaged property is our responsibility. My question is are we entitled to break our lease? It feels really unsafe. It's 1 thing living next to a burn unit. I could deal with that because the odds of a fire starting are slim unless we start it since we are the only tenants on this side of the property....but now I feel like water and a burn unit with possible exsposed wiring don't mix. I cannot deal with living next to a burn unit and now being flooded. The manager told me upon moving in that my credit was fine but because I had a few misdomeanors that I had to pay a security deposit! I have never heard of this before. I always thought the law with regard to a securitydeposit had somethingto do with your credit and rental history, and if you had a felony then you had to find somewhere else to live....but misdomeanors? And on top of that we are in the HOOD! It looks like felons and some of everything else lives in this complex. I want to break my lease and move on feburary 1st and I want my security deposit back so I can find somewhere safe to live where the apartments don't flood, and the apartments next to me are not boarded up with broken glass everywhere and the apartment on the left is still charred from a fire. What are my rights in this situation? Am I entitled to break the lease? Am I entitled to my security deposit back? P.S Although it is not noted in the lease, I signed the lease knowing that the apartment next to me was a burn unit, however that apartment is now flooding my apartment and the flood posibility was never mentioned nor noted in the lease. Please post no personal opinions or comments from bitter, scorn landlords. I am only interested in my rights as a tenant and the law with regard to this situation....Thanks much in advance!
If a person is burned severely, and would need to be air-vac'd to a burn unit, would it be covered by insuranc?1 ωǒ Bu good ⿺ -2012-07-13 03:32:02
If a person is burned badly, and should be air vac'd to a burn unit , would be covered by insuranc ?
How can i break my apartment lease?0Leila2012-10-10 10:15:03
i recently had my car vandalized along with 8 other cars at my apartment complex. i told the managment about it and they said they cant do anything about it so i am wanting to move out and break my lease because its just not safe around here anymore. also i thought aparment complexes were suppossed to have property insurance for this kinda promblem. so is there anything they can do if i break my lease without any consequences or they just going to take my deposit.
4 unit condo. One unit refuses to pay fees$50 a month. Portion goes to owners insurance.?1Kaelyn2012-10-14 16:45:03
How to charge without a lawyer ?
Trying to get home ins for 4 unit brick (no basement, no garage, simple 4 unit).. what am i missing?1Adair2012-07-12 00:45:02
Option 1 - 163K representative. cost 1% of the DED , $ 900 prem ( less any claims paid deduction representing the cost is only active if the house burns to ground). Option 2 - 450K representative. cost ( not less ) , 1K DED, $ 1700 prem other information ------------ assessed Val - 180K .. bal = 145K mortgage . Fire Department down the street , chances house burns to ground is 0% what am I missing?
Neighbor flooded my apartment?0~*LiL DeVeL*~ 2012-07-08 16:12:11
So last night at 3 am I woke my dog, who was trying to get my attention by whining and barking at me (something never done before!). I heard a strange sound in the guest bathroom, and went to take a look. Low and behold, there was a stream of water coming out of light fixtures and an inch of water on the floor. Immediately put a trash 10gallon in flight (and I had to empty nearly every 15 minutes!), And went upstairs to knock on the door of my neighbor. I called probably 10 minutes w unanswered, so I called the fire department. when I got back to my apartment, the water was coming out of vents and light fixtures in the guest bedroom, guest bathroom, laundry room, and hallway! And I mean a lot of water. The water had begun to saturate the walls and ceilings drip through. The fire alarm went off, and a main power off (and now I can not turn on until the wiring is inspected apt apparently). Our neighbors below us the water was flooding his apt too, and went to see what the problem was. and neighbors at his feet, had leaks in their apartment too! Our apartment, however, was by far the worst, because it was closest to the source. The fire department arrived and got no answer from my neighbor either. They broke into his apartment and found him passed out drunk in the bathtub with water running. He was not hurt, that was really my main concern. I was drunk .... That's it. I think this is very dangerous and irresponsible. Yet from the moment I realized the water while the fire department to shut down, an hour had passed. Her apartment was flooded, so we had water continues to enter the apartment for several hours after it all off. So here is my dilemma. My team that I use for my business was destroyed. I have unfortunately lost much of digital records of my business. My printer was destroyed. My chair was soaked with dirty water yellow (too soggy for recovery, and probably going to shape and staining). Many of my clothies were soaked and stained by dirty water. So far that's all I've found that is damaged / destroyed by a total of about $ 2000 i estimate. I'm still going through the mess left later for what very well could be more damage to my property. In my apt complex, everyone should have renters insurance (thankfully). From what I understand, is your insurance should pay for my damaged property (or I can file a complaint w my insurance, my deductible of $ 500, and then try to get compensation for their co-insurance below). I asked for his information, and refused very rudely. I do not even know the names of individuals - only your e-apartment. So I went to my apt manager and asked him to call my co-insurance and give them your insurance information, and declined (indicating that it would be a violation of this Privacy boys). Is there any way I can force this individual information secure? Is it even legal for him to refuse? I guess what I'm asking is how should I proceed with my complaint against my neighbor. ¿I can call the police and asked them to collect your information to me (I'm guessing since this is a civil matter). Thanks in advance!
Flooded in a rented apartment, everything ruined.?0srai2012-09-12 19:15:03
My sister called this morning very upset that his department has been flooded. She lives with her family in a very nice apartment in the city on the 34th floor . By no means is this a cheap place to rent . MedlinePlus This morning , she jumped out of bed and went into the ankle deep water , your apartment is all on the same level so that each room was flooded with about 8 inches of water . Good thing she did not have electrical cables on the floor or she would have been electrocuted . Its rooms are in ruins , the wooden furniture is flooded and all the gifts you bought for Christmas were on the floor under the Christmas tree . The legal person temporarily moved to another empty apartment in the complex , but no furniture and toiletries and clothing are in his apartment flooded . MedlinePlus My sister is renting and has no home insurance unfortunately. MedlinePlus She said she heard the manager talking to a plumber and apparently there is some kind of guilt behind the washer and this is the 3rd time this has happened , the apartment would not be over 10 years old. MedlinePlus Is there anything I can do ? Can you sue the owners or legal person ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This happened in QLD, Australia .
Our waterheater burst and flooded my apartment?2Babouchka2020-07-08 19:18:10
I woke up two mornings ago to a flooded first floor of my townhouse. The waterheater burst and flooded the entire first floor. ruining some shoes and misc other items, damaging furniture and creating a god awful mold smell in my still wet carpet. The cam in replace the water heater and set up fans to dry the carpet but removed them before they were dry. No with the heat created by the fans and the dark moist dampness my whole apartment reaks of mold. Thye offered to replace the carpet but told us we had to move everything out of the apartments and find a place to stay for 3 days. Should they be paying for a motel me and my roommate to stay at during the repairs and should they be paying to have all our stuff placed in storage? and what about movers? All the damage was caused by their broken waterheater. i'm sure there is goning to be damage to the sheet rock and such as well and will prolly smell even worse when the temp heats up as it gets closer to summer. We don;t ahve renter's insurance but i don;t care so much as for the damaged personal property as i do that i would like to be compensated for the costs in removing everything from out apartments so they can replace the carpet. Who should do what? I live in California and we were not put up in a place the night the had us leave all everything open with the fans running.
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Waterheater burst and flooded my apartment? Who pays?0Shadowkillazt 2012-07-27 22:06:02
I woke in the morning two days to a flooded first floor of my house. The waterheater broke and flooded the first floor. ruining shoes and other miscellaneous items , damaging furniture and creating a god awful musty smell in my carpet is still wet. The cam to replace the water heater and set up fans to dry the carpet, but removed before it dries. Not with the heat created by the fans and dark, damp moisture apartment reaks my entire mold. Thye offered to replace the carpet, but we were told we had to change all of the apartments and find a place to stay for 3 days. Should they be paying a motel for me and my roommate to stay in for repairs and if you pay for all our things are placed in storage? and what about the engines? All the damage was caused by his broken waterheater . I'm sure you goning to be damage to sheet rock , and as such will smell good and prolly even worse when the temperature heats up as summer approaches . We do not , surely ahve t tenant, but i don really care as much as for personal property damaged as I do that I would be compensated for costs incurred in removing everything from apartments out so they can replace the carpet . Who should do what? I live in California and not placed in a night. We did leave everything open with fans
Help! I accidentally flooded my apartment and my neighbors I need advice?0Xing2012-09-24 20:07:02
This morning I was very tired and , of course , had to wake up when my daughter did and I was getting a glass of water and let the water run me when I went to change my daughters diaper . I returned after a few minutes forget that water was running from the sink and jammed reached all over the floor . I immediately turned off the water and started going crazy and throw towels all over the floor . the homeowner was knocking on my door , so I let him in and told him what happened . he said he got into my apartment neighbors , but as long as the water stopped will be fine and we'll have to wait and see what damage . I heard my neighbor screaming for water dripping from my landlord saying on your computer . I do not know if he was exaggerating or not , because if you knew the background of my neighbor who may be so, but this time it really was my fault when the owner called me. I feel soooo bad. but my landlord said nothing was damaged . said we have to wait and see . im scared because I have renters insurance MedlinePlus and cousin makes me anxious that I would not know if any property was damaged . MedlinePlus Guess we'll have to wait and see if I 'm going to sue ? MedlinePlus There was a lot of water. Maybe 2 gallons of milk worth it, though. MedlinePlus But apparently enough to enter my apartment neighbors . MedlinePlus I'm so scared . What do you think about the situation . MedlinePlus Besides I'm an idiot .
Neighbor flooded my apartment. Who is responsible for prorated compensation?0Shinta2012-10-23 00:09:19
Hello , MedlinePlus I have a similar situation to the person apartment was flooded by an upstairs neighbor . (source : ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Most of the details of how the flood was caused are the same though, I've included a quick bulleted list of key points : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - I have renters insurance but no personal property was damaged , so it is not necessary to file a claim. MedlinePlus - The neighbor was at fault for not reporting his toilet overflow maintenance . MedlinePlus - All damaged furniture , floors, walls and ceilings were replaced at no cost to myself for a period of one week, during which I was at a friend's house . MedlinePlus - A lot of construction was carried out and the apartment was 100 % habitable. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now that it's time to pay the rent I'm thinking , obviously , should be prorated to exclude that week I was physically outside my apartment but when informed of this expectation office declaring : " It is not our fault and we Sorry, we do not need to compensate you for the week they were out of the house. you need to contact your renters insurance and file a claim against your neighbor. " When I did call my renters insurance adjuster and spoke with told me that there is a policy that covers such a request and that is something I have to take with the building manager . However, I can file a claim under additional living expense coverage in order to obtain compensation for the cost of food / hotel that week. I

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