I want a car! what car(s)do you recommend to buy for a new driver? related questions

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I want a car! what car(s)do you recommend to buy for a new driver?1poof2012-09-28 07:45:03
cars that are new ( not broken down cars ) and come with a cheap car insurance for new drivers MedlinePlus please help me !
What kind of car would you recommend for a 17 year old first driver?0Burdette2012-06-12 12:13:01
I wonder what kind of car you would be better for me since I am a teenager and im begginner be my last next year, and I want to drive to school for what type of car and model year should I Wanted for a car that can be good in the insurance know my age still going to be high, but I need something that will not break my wallet is a single parent father , but he is a senior insurance is pretty cheap lol but I do not want to make your climb a lot, but what I had in mind is like a 1999 - 2002 VW beetle or a 2002 Camry to other cars that you could recommend for me would help thanks
What do you recommend for cheap car insurance for a young driver?0kavita2012-10-01 11:17:02
I have 18 years and spent my test three weeks ago today , when I was 17 ! I have a Ford Fiesta 1.1 N reg ! I've done my pass plus too! The best quote I have found is
What car insurance would you recommend for a first-time driver college student?1Outcast2012-07-27 04:04:02
What is most reasonable priced and with the most useful facilities?
Would you recommend AA or RAC?3 â–„ $ uo bone charm and India -2012-04-25 21:02:32
or any other company for distribution and
What motorcycle would you recommend?0Tanicha2012-07-23 04:42:02
Now I own a Yamaha 650 V Star , I'm so tired of that, I'm looking at the Ninja 250, but I'm afraid I will get tired of it because of the low power. I am also considering the USDA Ninja 600, it's just that the ninja 600 looks like it could cost a lot more for insurance . PS if you have a completely different bike to recommend I 'm all ears Thanks James Siegel
What should I do? What would Islam recommend?0galo2012-08-14 04:29:36
Well , there have been a robbery at my house this morning , they took everything , the ps3 2 weeks old , the TV , my new clothes and all the valuables and also my car , I mean what Islam encouraged to forgive and let God to fix or should I curse and kill them if they find also that he had no contents insurance yh shame I am a Muslim
CAR INSURANCE - who would YOU recommend?9Simon2012-10-14 07:48:02
I know that Prudential are absolute bo! ocks , so it can be any good? Would like opinions about companies followign specifically as I have the best quotes ( though any other suggestions are welcome ) : Marque Directo , Prime Minister , Budget , Yes , the post office . If you know where their call centers are then that would be useful too! I'm trying to avoid the foreign service of customers, very stressful! :)
I am looking for car insurance in uk,can you recommend one?6Rachel2012-04-30 12:51:47
Every year , my insurance goes up to 5 years with no casualties and the same car. Why? Should have been cheaper undoubtedly heard of quidco , it is worth the trouble ?
My 16 year old needs a car, what would you recommend?6hook*up 2012-06-07 06:04:03
No sports car ( expensive insurance ), the JEEPS ( FLIP). You want something , but trust anything he will not feel like driving a NERD , but also something that is not going to try to kill themselves in ... to the background small is good! ! (LOL )
What car insurance do you recommend?8Julia2012-05-21 00:21:24
There's probably 100 of the auto insurance companies . What do you have ? Are you happy with it ? How do rates compare ? How do they treat you after a claim? Ever tried to advertised on TV? Who have you had bad experiences with ?
Can anyone recommend the best insurance for my dog?0Patiance2012-07-01 05:15:02
I have a working voltage puppy cocker spaniel is now 11 weeks old. I

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