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Is there any hope for my teeth?0Ree-Ree2012-08-16 16:45:02
Never dealt very well of my teeth as a child , had a huge phobia to the dentist - and still do . Not only that, but I have this phobia of teeth in general. People touch the teeth , the teeth of other people, etc. The sound, the feel , everything. Anyway - my teeth are in very poor condition. Very slack , yellow, and even extremely thin! I feel like I may have different cavities through my teeth, and are so thin I can see my finger on the other side of the tooth if I put to the task. Now, I'm only 19 ! Im currently looking for a job with benefits of being I have no dental insurance right now. But my real question is whether or not worth the money, or if there is any hope for my teeth . Especially with my phobia and the initial expense of the same . I know it will be over $ 5,000 .... and I have about $ 50 in the bank .. : l
What insurance is my wisdom teeth filed under if the teeth are impacted?0Makenzie2012-06-25 09:01:31
The receptionist told me that if they are affected will be archived on my health. My dental covers 80 % of wisdom teeth, my health cover None. What decides , my teeth or dentist ?
Baby teeth decay: how is it treated on the front teeth?0Rina2012-08-05 21:55:47
I noticed some spots of brown shallow right on the front surface of the teeth of my two year old son upper front . They are near the gums , but don; t touch the gums . At first I thought they were only patches of enamel, but after a closer look and do some research , I think those are small cavities. I'll call a dentist for an appointment tomorrow, but I'm very nervous and can not sleep . How can these cavities be treated if they are so shallow ? I think the only regular fillings may fall ! Does my child need crowns? Can the process be delayed (by time of something - like a seal ) to be a little longer (3 years or less) ? If you need crowns, will have to put under general anesthesia ? We have health insurance but no dental insurance. Does insurance usually cover the anesthesia? Through her help, I am very worried.
How can i get fake teeth to cover my 2 front chopped teeth?2Eve2012-03-13 20:25:53
How I can get false teeth to cover my chopped 2 front teeth?
I had three false teeth in a bridge and I lost the bridge with the teeth. Will home owner's insurance cover1reann2012-08-09 19:45:03
any of it? (I am talking in general since I know that there are some variations in home owner's policies.) It is going to cost me $4000 to go to a dentist and have a new one put in.
Would anyone help me for the last of my hope?0rashad2012-07-09 20:48:11
Here is how it will first start. Im going to ask 3favors. First favor is to please forgive me for the long story i have to give and what i will ask for. 2nd favor is to give me the time to read this story/problem of mine. When my dad was little not even before he was any older than a middle schooler , 10years old, his mother attemped to murder him 3times. After he became almost a freshman in highschool he was abandoned and grew up on streets by himself. My mother who decided to marry him was cut off from the family blood line of any inheritance. Our family grew very poor. We started small and gone by. 5years ago and before - My family went through many accidents. My dad with kidney stones. My mom with heart problems and my sister sister with heart murmurs. 4years ago, my sister went through a horrible divorce when a guy she thought she loved had been cheating on her being married to a different woman and left her and her only 4yr old son. She remarried Last year. At the same time last year, I got into one of the worst car accident ever- by a tornado wind and rolled over to the side being carried to ER. It was pretty bad. We are a family with no health insurance. This year- my sister was diagnosed with cancer to make it worse. It caused her to get a miscarriage and ruined her chance to make another family with her new husband. It was hard for me to see her when she first told me after the divorce, "Brother.. my husband.. him.. he left me.. i need you to be like a father for him.. he looks up to you.. please.." Seeing a repitition of my sister's pain and tear and my family member over and over again it brought me to be worn down finally.. as i shared my story to people for the first time.. for help they always said the same thing. - I wouldve never known, expected, or guessed that about you. Our family just hit bankruptcy and both my parents got laid off from work. I cant go to college working, babysitting, and financial issue. It brought me to finally ask ppl for help and support on money, but no where to find. No bank no friend had could give the support. I always believed miracle does not come from begging but from hard work and dedication but what if it still does no good..? I never complained or talked about my hardship of life because i dont want to complain for the fact i should not have any room too, there are much many people more misfortunate people outthere struggling way more and suffering.. so i asked what makes me special to ask and get help? answer is im not. Im not deserving or wortthy for help.. so why i ask for help is to survive.. to survive to even get a glimpse of hope and sake of my dream and love for the people around me.. money is not something i need a lot of.. being a millionaire is not what i wish of.. what i want is a a little sum and help to achieve my life and even the smallest hand to reach to pull me out of this.. So here is my last 3rd favor. Will anyone be willing to help me? Financially? I drop my pride and give it a worth of a shot to ask for help. Here like this, when running out of time with 3weeks left of losing completely everything. Any help is i ask or any ideas to make 5 to 12thousand in three week. I ask for that help. Thank you.
Any hope to get rid of my acne?0sassssy2012-07-07 04:15:02
I've spent the last 4 years of my life struggling with acne, and I'm so tired of it. I tried all antibiotics. I was so close to having Accutaine , but then insurance does not cover it . No way I can pay for it .. and my mom did not care enough to try to get to me. I'm so sick of all my scars and all. Is there any way to resolve without Accutane ? :/
Is there still hope for CLASS Act?0Paula2012-06-03 10:50:06
I have read here that the law was suspended class . Is there any chance that the government will push through this or not, are there alternative ways to reduce your premiums ?
Is this Hope and Change?1Danasia2012-10-13 04:34:03
First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student , then deny he was a foreigner . MedlinePlus
Is there any hope for me to ever get rid of my scars?0La'Charlis2012-07-12 21:08:03
First and foremost - no success ever using Mederma, even after long periods of time. I have a few moderate scars on my hands and forearms because I used to be a cutter when I was young. My skin is so fair that the scars actually look purple-ish, it's so embarrassing. I don't want to have to be judged and scarred for something I did when I was literally 12-13 (I'm 21 now). I'm aware there are dermatologist laser treatments for scars, but the cost they told me it'd be around is simply outrageous and out of my means. It sucks that insurance won't cover any of it because it's a "cosmetic" procedure. Are there ANY other legitimate ways I can improve the appearance of these marks that I'd like to finally be able to forget about? Thank you in advance.
What exactly is the Hope for Homeowners Program.?0Lilah2012-08-01 14:42:02
I bought a home and was paying 950 a month (taxes and insurance included). The County did not put the appropriate exceptions on the property taxes. A Certificate of Error was put in. But that could take up to 3 months, according to the county. In the meantime, the bank paid the full amount on the property taxes. Bringing my mortgage up to almost 1700. I cannot pay this each month. That is almost double. I called the bank and they cannot do anything until the Certificate of Error has been approved.
I Do Sincerely Hope That The Next-Gen Madden0Kingang2020-10-16 18:41:41
Franchise Madden 21 coins  players can expect the exact same menus (in some fresh new colours!) , same participant progression, same lack of contract management, absence of movement depth, lackluster scouting procedure, and lack of training camp. The in-game menus and overlays involve some new fonts and colors, which would be sufficient to divert me from the pain of how poisonous they truly are, if not for how bad a lot of them seem. Everything from elements of the opening cinematic to the front end and in-game overlays has this horrible compressed video sound that manages to distract you each time it appears. The new pre-game intro segment, which is the only change to the in-game presentation this year, is filled with fullscreen video cuts and overlays that are rotten with the previously mentioned video artifacts. Referees were once more deemed to be unworthy of creating the on-field cut this season, just appearing in brief cutscenes where they call penalties. Sadly, like the prior fifteen Madden games, only some types of penalties will ever be called, which makes me wonder if incorporating the true NFL rulebook within this game was ever an actual intention of the publisher. Madden Ultimate Team returns and you will be showered with pop-up advertisements to check out brand new cards every time you open the Buy Mut 21 coins  game are a part of a masochist to try to read the different loading screens. The manner remains unchanged, with a concentration on assembling a super team to shoot online for head-to-head battle. The cool part is the way you can spend hundreds of hours to finally develop a group that potentially has the opportunity to compete with elite squads that other players just bought outright with their credit cards, just for EA to dump all-new cards a part of the way through the season that are much more successful than any others formerly in existence. C'mon, buddy. It's easy, just spend a bit more.  

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