Is there any hope for my teeth?

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Asked at 2012-08-16 16:45:02
Never dealt very well of my teeth as a child , had a huge phobia to the dentist - and still do
. Not only that, but I have this phobia of teeth in general. People touch the teeth , the teeth of other people, etc. The sound, the feel , everything.

Anyway - my teeth are in very poor condition. Very slack , yellow, and even extremely thin! I feel like I may have different cavities through my teeth, and are so thin I can see my finger on the other side of the tooth if I put to the task.

Now, I'm only 19 !
Im currently looking for a job with benefits of being I have no dental insurance right now.

But my real question is whether or not worth the money, or if there is any hope for my teeth . Especially with my phobia and the initial expense of the same . I know it will be over $ 5,000 .... and I have about $ 50 in the bank .. : l

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