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Is newspaper inserts a great offline way of marketing?0$IntergalaticHussie$ 2012-08-16 11:40:02
Im getting my limited license and auto insurance for the work you need customers. So I was thinking of inserting my business flyers with my information in the local newspaper . What do you think ? any ideas?
Is it possible to shift from life insurance marketing to another marketing line ?0Tanya2012-07-03 14:15:01
I am working in marketing life insurance as sales manager. Is it possible for me to change my career on the line, except insurance field ? If so , what are the possible lines AREV and right for me?
A suitable marketing topic in marketing topic for project in icici prudential life insurance for MBA0Bor2012-03-10 07:48:15
A proper marketing theme in the field of marketing for the project in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance for MBA
Has anyone tried custom inserts or a cam walker for posterior tibial tendonitis? ?0marcy gonzalez2012-07-28 02:47:03
My podiatrist wants me to get custom inserts, but I hear and have read they don't work. I work long hours on my feet and the pain can become unbearable. I have read about the walkers and wonder if they may help more when I am working. My insurance won't pay for the inserts and the doc wants $200 for them.
We can learn so much from Great Britain. They now deny uninsured motorist to fill up. Isn't that great?0Jean2012-05-29 09:27:43
To fill the gas tank , the British are moving to have proof of insurance. The uninsured will be placed in a database , and drivers will have to show documentation that the problem has been fixed before it can fill. Check that the British genius triumphs over Yankee know how. They are indeed a worthy competitor.
Why do US postmen get such great pay and such great benefits??? The work is very easy and untrained?0Cheste2012-08-06 06:54:47
My uncle is an employee of the U.S. Postal Service . I never used to pay attention, but now that the economy is getting worse I think it's terrible. he is an out of shape, mentally unstable man who drinks . Most companies have fired him and all his colleagues long ago. However, the governemnt get only a lot of money so they can buy a home in Minneapolis, and a condominium in Florida vaccation and two cars and a very nice boat . And have so much when they retire. Large profits. For a time he bothered to think that would have to take what others did to Obamamcare . But Obama loves the unions , so it is going to let you keep your insurance paid for by our taxes wonderful . Now people want the government to run health system like that? Give raises without merit and wasting money ? That is crazy. It is really unfair.
Does Jeld-wen offer replacement glass inserts for aluminum french doors?0Rex2012-10-02 05:56:02
After a recent break- in attempt , I've been trying to order a replacement glass insert for my French doors . Home Depot and Lowes mean I have to replace the entire door . I know this must be BS . It would be too costly to replace the entire door assembly , if not pay my insurance deductible for renters. I kind of do not want to spend $ 1500.00 on a new set of doors , nor do I want to spend $ 1,000.00 for my deductible if there is a way to order a replacement insert .
What is an assurance agent? I found that my great great grandmother was one?0Joseph2012-05-23 01:37:38
What is a security officer ? I found that my great grandmother was one?
Have you been stung by under-insured workmen - looking for interviews for UK national newspaper?0danara2012-07-28 05:29:00
Hi there, I work for a public relations consultancy and currently working on a story for a UK national newspaper on the dangers of hiring workmen who are not properly insured. I
My husband was on his way to work on Sunday morning and was broadsided by a newspaper truck.?5Hunte2012-10-21 10:45:02
It is clearly not their fault, but our insurance agent wants to file a claim against our own policy. He is not going to help unless we do . So we're not sure how to proceed. He did go and get two repair estimates today. He also spoke with the person to meet insurance claims of journalistic enterprise . She had no idea because I had no information about the accident yet. We'll have the police report on Thursday . Any help will be appreciated.
Have you been stung by under-insured workmen? - looking for interview case studies for UK national newspaper?0Marilyn2012-08-19 05:54:02
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I work for a public relations consultant , and is currently working on an article for a British national newspaper about the dangers of hiring workers who are not properly insured . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I
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