The movers i hired to move out damaged the gate of old bldg.? related questions

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The movers i hired to move out damaged the gate of old bldg.?0joshkia2012-08-15 01:56:02
Now the bldg refuses to return my sec dep . Security bldg complete a damage report and was signed by the super bldg and the driver. The report states that the mover is liable for all damages. In that case should not be alone in front of the bldg mover and insurance directly. General Manager refuses planning permission to contact the insurance company moving to say no to their work. He is more than happy to keep my security deposit even though this had nothing to do with me . If this was just a random driver that damaged the gate would have to deal with insurance, but already have my money and can afford to be lazy and make me suffer. Can someone please tell me my options here. Thank you.
Can anyone recommend an insurance carrier for insuring the contents of a house move (besides the movers)?0marmot2012-10-09 23:15:09
I am moving the contents of my home in California to Colorado with the moving and storage company PODS - PODS insurance is very expensive and covers virtually nothing so I'd like to find a reliable insurance company to cover my belongings during transport and storage
A tree service i hired damaged my house. Can their insurance co. be resp. for damage +my lost wages due2 acc?0Calvi2012-06-18 05:45:18
Tree Service a branch fell on my roof and into my home office . Your comp ins wants to repay the roof ( shingles 40 years only 6 years old) , leaf guard gutters 5 years w / lifetime warranty , and refuse to pay for my time off work to deal with all aspects - appraiser , contractors , extra time tree service due to an accident , etc: and damaged landscaping . How I can know what you pay for it?
Any idea of how much a hatchback gate replacement would cost for a 2010 Lexus RX 350?0bessie2012-07-30 04:22:56
My mother slammed the open hatchback of her brand new RX350 into our garage this weekend. It appears that the actual body is bent and will therefore have to be replaced. As she doesn't have full-coverage auto insurance, any in the know have an idea or estimate of how much it will cost to replace? Thanks!
Can you please tell me the Insurance Agent's Examination Schedule in FGU Bldg?0Domain Name ン 2012-07-27 18:52:02
CA commercial real estate limited partnership: Can distributions be cut off while the bldg. is being retrofit?0Caus2012-09-22 07:24:02
My father died recently leaving a 4% limited partnership my mom in a commercial property Inca . The company wants to spend $ 1 million to upgrade the property to earthquake code pay much more for earthquake insurance . All distributions will cease until further notice. Can they do this ? The distributions were to go up to 2047 .
What's this business about Issa burning down some bldg. to collect the insurance; his lawyer was good?0combining form 예2012-07-10 18:48:05
packers and movers in Lucknow1lakshmisigh2019-07-01 11:23:34
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Got in an accident while on a movers permit.?0Kiss 。。。2012-05-21 12:42:27
. I went to DMV to register my bike and leave optained engine gave me the right to conduct any DMV for inspection without the normal requirements for operating a vehicle. During operation of the vehicle that was lost and ended up losing control of a motorcycle hit a parked car . The vehicle was damaged in a folder on your search engine type of vehicles, while my broken plastic front end that injured no one did. What I can do it my legal right to operate the vehicle that day, without insurance, registration or license. What effect is sought in his case ?
packers and movers in Lucknow0lakshmisigh2019-06-10 23:59:08
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Movers' refusal to deal with damages--what to do?1alya2012-11-05 20:59:03
I hired a licensed mover (licensed by California Public Utilities Commission) which claims to have general insurance that covers structural damages done to properties (not just on personal belongings). I found out about them in Craigslist. They never showed me any paperwork that discusses their liabilities. After the move, I discovered some small but conspicuous damages done to the floor and doors. I called the moving company's owner about this but he just pretended that he did not understand enough English. I then tried to follow-up with more calls but he just does not pick up my calls anymore. What should I do?
Is Shivam Packers and Movers a prestigious name for packing and moving services?0priya2012-09-28 07:15:03
Varied purposes served by Shivam Packers and Movers include domestic services , office relocation , home shifting , storage facilities , provision for insurance of property and home changes , etc. . MedlinePlus

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