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Accounting Help - Accounting Question?4niel2018-10-05 09:06:56
P10 -5A Fordyce electronics issues $ 400,000 , 8% of 10 year mortgage note on December 31, 2010 . The proceeds of the note will be used to finance a new research laboratory. The terms of the note provide semiannual payments , excluding property taxes and insurance, $ 29,433 . Payments are due on June 30 and December 31 . Complete schedule of installment payments during the first 2 years. ( Round answers to 0 decimal places, eg 125. Use rounded amounts for future calculations . ) Semiannual Interest Period Cash payment Interest expenses reduction of Home Balance Date of issue $ $ 1 2 3 4 Prepare the entries for (1) the loan and (2) the first two installments. ( For multiple debit / credit entries quantities listed in descending eg 10 , 5, 3, 2. Response and back to 0 decimal places, eg 125. ) Date Account / Description Debit Credit 2010 December 31 2011 June 30 December 31 Show how the total liability of the mortgage must be reported on the balance sheet at December 31, 2011 . ( Response and back to 0 decimal places, eg , 125. ) Current liabilities 12/31/11 Long-term debt
Accounting help please?9Wenny122018-11-03 00:33:31
Hi there can anyone help me with this accounting problem please. Thank you? George Jarvis Purchase a trailer Park on January 1 0007. It is now March 31. George has no accounting training but has kept a record of his cash receipts and cash payments for the three months. Cash Reciepts Cash Payments Jarvis Investment for a trailer 100,000 Land 168,000 Building 216,000 Office Equipment 8,000 Mortgage Payable 350,000 Insurance 4,800 Wages 4,500 Maintenance 400 office Supplies 300 utilities 900 property taxes 6,000 Jarvis Salary 10,500 Rental sales Revenue 60,000 Morgage Interest Expense 4,667 Mortgage Principal payments Jan. and Feb 20000 As Mr. Jarvis accountant, you discovered the following additional information a. The building has an estimated life of 20 years and a straight line deppreciaton is used b. The office equiplment has a five year life with a trade in value of $500 c. The insurance was prepaid on January 1 for the entire year d. The wages are for the maintenance worker who worked but has not yet been paid for five years during the period ending March 31.0007. The wage is 9.95 per hour and the work day is 8 hours e. An Invoice for grounds maintenance expense of $80 has not yet been paid F. There are $100 in office supplies remaining in inventory g. The March Utility bill has not yet been recieved. It is estimated to be $400 h. The property taxes were paid in January for the entire Year. i. A rental tenant whose rent is $200 has not yet paid for March. j. Included in the $60,000 dollars recieved for rental Income to date is the amount for tenant who has prepaid for the entire year.The rent is $ 175 per month. k. No Interest Principal has been paid on the Mortgage for March. Interest for March is $2,333. Principal Payments for the balance of the year ( including March) are $ 12,000 and should be identified as current mortgage payable. The Balance of the Mortgage is $336,000 l. The Income tax is 25% of operating income and is payable in April. Using accrual based accounting prepare an income statement for the three months ending March 31,0007 and a balance sheet as of March 31,007.
Accounting Help?0priya2012-10-08 04:28:43
John Banks earned a salary of $ 9,000 in January of employee FICA taxes is $ 720. Taxes federal unemployment insurance is 0.8% of the first $ 7,000 and state unemployment tax insurance are up 5.4 % on the first $ 7,000. 1300 banks had withheld for federal income taxes and $ 500 was withheld for state income taxes . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Prepare a journal entry to record the expense overall payroll John Banks ' January ( no explanation necessary) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. Prepare a general journal entry to record the payroll tax expense for the employer to hire John Banks for the month of January ( no explanation required
Can someone please help me Accounting 201?0CASTBOUND 2012-09-20 07:26:03
Which of the following is not an example of a source document that provides evidence of a transaction ? MedlinePlus 1. A purchase receipt . MedlinePlus 2. A trial balance. MedlinePlus 3. A cash register tape . MedlinePlus 4. A canceled check . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What does normally have debit balances ? MedlinePlus 1. Assets , expenses and dividends . 2. Assets, liabilities and dividends . 3. Assets , expenses and revenue. 4. Assets , expenses and retained earnings . MedlinePlus After transaction information has been recorded in the journal , is transferred to MedlinePlus 1. General Journal . MedlinePlus 2. income statement. MedlinePlus 3. trial balance. MedlinePlus 4. ledger. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When a company receives a utility bill but will not pay immediately , which should MedlinePlus 1. debit utilities expense and credit accounts payable . MedlinePlus 2. debit utilities expense and credit accounts receivable . MedlinePlus 3. Debit Accounts Payable and credit MedlinePlus utilities expenses . 4. make no entry until the bill is paid . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Which of the following accounts probably are listed after the other in a chart of accounts ? MedlinePlus 1. MedlinePlus Expense Insurance 2. accumulated depreciation
Accounting I need SOME help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!?0NeedsHelpWithEssay2012-08-13 07:01:02
Unadjusted trial balance November 30, 2011 Debits Credits $ 51,610 Cash Office supplies 450 Moving supplies 8700 Prepaid Insurance 7,475 350,000 trucks Cumulative depreciation of $ 200,000 trucks Build 185,000 Accumulated depreciation, construction of 29,120 Accounts payable 2,350 Interest payable -0 - Wages payable -0 - Storage costs 700 unearned Long-term payables 245,000 Mason Kidd, the capital of 42,205 Mason Kidd, withdrawals 26,500 Moving expenses 179,600 won Storage costs 26,750 won Depreciation expense, the construction of -0 - Depreciation expense, trucks -0 - Wages 41,700 expenses Interest expense -0 - Insurance expenses -0 - Office supplies expense -0 - Moving supplies expense -0 - Advertising expenses 5900 Gas, oil, repairs and expenses 31,510 General and administrative expenses 16,880 Magnitudes ___________ -0 - $ 725,725 $ 725,725 The following transactions occurred during the month of December 2011: December 2 received $ 180 as an advance on rental storage. 5 Paid accounts to pay $ 720 if 6 insurance premiums paid $ 8,100 in advance. 7 deposited $ 8,700 of receipts phones. 10 Purchased $ 1,560 of supplies on credit moving. Acquisition of additional 12 trucks worth $ 56,000 by paying $ 6,000 cash and giving a lon-term note payable for the balance. 14 wages of $ 2,700 for the period December 1 to 14. 17 purchased $ 140 of office supplies on credit. Deposited $ 6,260 bills 21 fee to move to $ 1,600 of receipts for payment of storage. 24 Paid $ 860 for repairs to the truck for damage suffered in an accident. 28 Wages paid $ 2,850 for the period December 15-28. 30 Payment of $ 900 to a magazine for ads that appeared in December. $ 4,700 31 Deposited mobile payment receipts and $ 800 of the storage receipts. Required: 1. Journalize and post in the general ledger accounts the transactions listed above December. 2. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance. (See figure below). 3. Journalize the adjusting entries for the following items and post them in the ledger accounts: a. Non-payment of wages were $ 610 at December 31. b. On 31 December the office supply inventory was $ 180. c. The inventory of moving supplies was $ 4.530 on 31 December. d. The remaining portion of insurance paid was $ 9475 to December 31. e. Depreciation for the year in the trucks was $ 50,350. f. Depreciation for the year in the construction was $ 7,400. g. Storage unearned fees balance at December 31 was $ 650. h. Kidd had withdrawn cash of $ 1,600 on Dec. 30, but had not taken the time to record it. i. Interest expense on notes payable for 2011 was $ 24,700. 4. Prepare an adjusted trial balance. (See figure below). 5. Prepare an income statement and statement of changes in owner
Accounting Help!!!!!?1m2018-01-24 17:56:37
August 31 to prepare a trial balance for Pose - for -Pics . open these T-accounts : Cash , office supplies , prepaid insurance , Cinematography , H. Paris , Capital , Labour Photography fees and utility bills. Post journal entries in general to these T accounts (which will serve as the general ledger) , and prepare a trial balance. Aug. 1 Hashim Paris , the owner, invested $ 7,500 cash and $ 32,500 of photography equipment business. A cash payment of $ 3,000 for an insurance policy that covers the next 24 months. 5 office supplies purchased for $ 1,400 in cash. 20 Received $ 2,650 cash in photography fees work. 31 Payment of $ 875 cash for August utilities
Accounting help please?0Des2012-07-15 09:07:02
Can someone please tell me if these are variable costs, mixed costs or fixed costs and why. I 'm confused. Rate A. Consulting $ 200,000 paid to an industry specialist marketing advice B. Legal fees paid to lawyers to defend the company in a lawsuit for patent violation, $ 50,000 , plus $ 87 per hour. C. Warehouse rental costs , $ 5,000 per month, plus $ 4 per square foot of storage used D. Insurance premiums on property, plant and equipment , $ 70,000 per year plus $ 5 for every $ 30,000 of insured value over $ 8,000,000 E. Experimental equipment sales , $ 50,000 per year
Help with accounting please!?0Natha2012-07-16 18:26:02
Welch Company prepares monthly financial statements. Below are listed some selected accounts and their balances in the September 30 trial balance before any adjustments have been made for the month of September. WELCH COMPANY Trial Balance (selected accounts) September 30, 2008 Office Supplies-debit-$2700 Prepaid Insurance-debit-$4200 Office equipment-debit-$16200 Accumulated Depreciation-office equipment-$1000 Unearned Rent Revenue-$1200 An analysis of the account balances by the company's accountant provided the following additional information: 1. A physical count of office supplies revealed $1000 on had on September 30. 2. A two-year life insurance policy was purchased on June 1 for $4800 3. Office equipment depreciated $6000 per year 4. The amount of rent received in advance that remains unearned at September 30 is $500 Instructions: Using the above additional information, prepare the adjusting entries that should be made by Welch Company on September 30.
Accounting help?0pye2012-09-07 11:33:02
hi all MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I was wondering if someone could help me solve this problem accounting transaction MedlinePlus MedlinePlus July 29th 24 months bought a public liability insurance policy for $ 3200. This policy protects the company from liability for injuries and property damage caused by your equipment . politics enters into force on 1 Aug , 2007 MedlinePlus This is my attempt to solve MedlinePlus MedlinePlus DR unexpired insurance $ 3,200 MedlinePlus CR Cash $ 3,200 Please tell me your thoughts or if its wrong please correct MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Another question I have is : would this be considered a transaction MedlinePlus July 29 weapons Bob received a request from the City of Vancouver to make an offer on a conttract . Bob believes his business will succeed in the bid and asked his accountant to record these revenues over and believes that the entry of trucks could reach $ 60,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the case of a transaction can someone plz help me figure out what explains dbe transaction shoulder with MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thx in advance
Accounting hk help please A.S.A.P?0Allissa2012-09-03 07:42:03
Each team member will receive an internship this summer in the Finance Office from a local manufacturer. Only one will be offered a full time position management. The candidate selection is based on the quality of the decisions made in the ability to practice. The task in this project is to perform calculations based on quantitative material. Must work together to quickly sense of the data provided. However, each team member is expected to submit his / her own calculations. This is a time limited project, so they must work together to organize the data, however, the calculations must be individual. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SITUATION: MedlinePlus The Phillips manufacturing company makes an exciting new product in its factory a year old and needs to expand its capacity to meet the demand for their product. Phillips effectively doubles property, plant and equipment. Favorable financial statements also need to get a business loan for his new team and are concerned about the possible effects, both in the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Phillips initially decided to use the double declining balance method of depreciation of their equipment. He has provided the following information: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Property, plant and equipment (currently) $ 10,000,000 MedlinePlus Accumulated depreciation (currently) $ 1,000,000 MedlinePlus Age of old equipment in years 1 The life of old equipment in the 20 MedlinePlus New team proposed: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus sale price of $ 9,000,000 equipment Sales tax 630,000 MedlinePlus Shipping costs 100,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 100000 Installation Insurance for sending 30,000 MedlinePlus Modification of the factory for the new MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 140,000 Equipment Life Expectancy at Age 20 MedlinePlus Salvage value none MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. Calculate the cost at which the new equipment should be capitalized.
Accounting course please help???5Ahamed2018-10-05 09:07:19
I am making a classified balance sheet and i have put everything in the categories (current assets, long term investments, property plant and equipment, intangible assets, current liabilities, long term liabilities, stockholders equity.) my question is where do i put expenses such as insurance expense, interest expense, and depreciation expence. and where do i put revenues? please help
Accounting?0Ayush2012-08-14 11:43:02
Prepare an August 31 trial balance for Pose - for -Pics . open these T-accounts : Cash , office supplies , prepaid insurance , Cinematography , H. Paris , Capital , Labour Photography fees and utility bills. Post journal entries in general to these T accounts (which will serve as the general ledger) , and prepare a trial balance. Aug. 1 Hashim Paris , the owner, invested $ 7,500 cash and $ 32,500 of photography equipment business. A cash payment of $ 3,000 for an insurance policy that covers the next 24 months. 5 office supplies purchased for $ 1,400 in cash. 20 Received $ 2,650 cash in photography fees work. 31 Payment of $ 875 cash for August utilities Please specify which goes left and right. thanks

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