Wants to trade my car in but i already owe 8,000 on it? related questions

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Buying new vehicle with trade-in - owe $ on trade. What do I do?0Rina2012-07-28 01:36:02
I want to purchase a new vehicle, out of town, on a Saturday. I owe money on my trade-in with a local credit union. Will I be able to take my new vehicle home with me that day? How do they handle this type of situation? What about insurance driving the new vehicle home?
I want to learn to trade stocks. Are there any free websites where I can learn and trade with fake money?0Love you like I 〆2012-05-26 20:15:50
I found weseed.com . but wondered if there was good websites out there to help me learn the process of buying and selling shares ? Are there any decent sites that allow you to "fake" trade in the virtual stock market ?
I want to know if I can trade my car in?0ktm2012-07-10 04:08:11
So I got in a car accident the damage isn't too bad I don't have insurance anymore. Will they let me trade it in? He said I'd have to put in a down payment I have enough $ but how does trading the broke car work??
Wants to trade my car in but i already owe 8,000 on it?1Josephine2012-04-19 19:38:24
Want to change my car, but in 8000 I already owe on it?
To trade or not to trade?0ayisha2012-10-07 15:45:02
I own a 2010 HD 883 Iron motorcycle . However, I do not ride it . I'm wanting to trade in a 4 wheel I can ride all year round and can justify a payment . The problem is this : my bike costs me $ 213 a month today , plus $ 30 a month insurance . The new 4-wheel cost me $ 250 a month and $ 20 a month insurance . So should I get the 4 wheeler and pay an extra $ 30 a month ? Another option is to leave the bike in storage and payment for openly hoping to sell later?
Trade Terms2orangutan2011-12-22 21:41:03
I am new to this site and in this business. What does it mean when a company "works for all kinds of OEM and ODM projects / services" What does this mean ? Please help me with an answer. I do not know and want to know. Jark Curious
Do I need title in my name to trade in my car?1 ミ ミ Weinaifengsuo -2012-04-29 04:19:22
My grandfather gave his old S10. He signed his name in the title and handed it to me . I never bothered to register my name. It still has the title with the signature of my grandfather. I'm taking that and the truck in the morning to the dealership to trade -in. Will it work ?
trade terms2duck2011-12-27 01:11:43
transactions in the oil, what discount of $ 8 / $ 5 mean?
Can I trade my car even if it is not paid off?0Mark2012-05-21 23:37:43
I have a loan of 12,900 for my car a year ago and want to exchange it for something cheaper. I know nothing about cars and commercial loans are paid off , etc. The reason why I want something cheaper is because the payments it makes me financial damage is not too bad , but do not pay that much for a car that is that good . Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks .
Do I need the title to my car so I can trade it in?2Malaysia2012-07-18 02:06:02
Do I need the title of my car to make it operate in?
Which is a fairer trade??????0dann2012-08-06 02:00:02
trade 1 CLE get: Chris Paul & Marcus Thornton NOH get: Mo Williams, Ryan Hollins, Leon Powe, Jamario Moon & a 2011 First Round Draftpick trade 2 CLE gets: Chris Paul NOH get: Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, 2 Future 1st Round Draftpicks
How do trade ins work if you owe?2gilt2012-11-05 15:32:02
I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus SXT 2.7L V6. I was looking to replace it with something cheaper and more (yes shocking I know). The thing is that I owe $ 7100 on it and its value of 6500 as trade in I wonder if I changed to a cheaper car (6,000 or less ) still I have the car payment or if the dealer sold it to see that ?

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