Is the ID number on my health partners insurance card the same as my social security number? related questions

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Is the ID number on my health partners insurance card the same as my social security number?0Thule2012-08-09 20:32:02
And if not, what the documents that my Social Security number will be ?
I don't have my social security card, but I know my number. Will I still be able to get my license?0Adoni2012-02-28 04:46:19
I want to go and get my future license, but realized that I can not locate my social security card . But I have my number by heart. Is a real card , or I can give the number? HELP
Do I have to give my social security number to a doctor, even if I have my valid private insurance card?3gazillion stars r in my sky!!! 2012-08-30 12:29:03
Do I have to give my social security number to a doctor, although I have my private insurance card valid ?
Can i use just my social security number for the motor vehicle to receive an non driver id(lost my S.S. card)?0Mande2012-05-09 23:39:49
Also, I'm just in a week traveling to Miami and IM based in New York.Im with Delta Air Lines , I can use my birth certificate and photo identification of the school (im 18 but still attending school )? Do not have a government issued id, Thanks in advance
How do you convert a drivers licence number into a social security number?1NUM 2012-06-03 18:53:51
My economics professor told me that there's an equation to convert the number of your driver's license in your social security number . We live in Nevada, so do not know if other states do. But I get extra credit if I realize and I can not find online.
Can you get Health insurance without a social security number?0Jessica Rodriguez2012-07-01 15:35:47
First, I have been with my wife for 10 years before we decided to go married.She is an illegal immigrant and have been married for only 2 weeks. The two are 26 and I have a really good job . So my question is I can claim a pendant ? and put it to my insurance and do not have a social security number that does not work ?
I do not have a valid social security number as of now, but i want health insurance HELP!?1Samuel2012-05-11 04:42:21
I am a student internationally , who plans to play lacross Ohio State next year. I am not a resident or U.S. citizen , I have a social security number . NCAA requires all athletes to have health insurance . but every company I looked up requires a social security number . Please give me some websites and businesses that allow me to have health insurance without a social security number , and at a cheaper price range , THANKS .
How can I add my husband to my health insurance? He is an immigrant with no social security number yet?0Malcolm 2012-07-03 12:21:01
We submitted our documentation with the USCIS, but will do as soon as we are trying to get all our documentation together. Is it possible to add my husband to my health insurance right now? I am employed by the city government and wonder how I get my husband to my plan, since it has not received your Social Security Number yet. Thank you. Incidentally, my husband entered this country legally, but exceeded their visa. I am applying for adjustment of status for him.
Why my husband health insurance company need my social security number to be his beneficiary?1plover2012-08-18 15:37:02
I was a victim of identity theft several years ago despite being informed the police and the FBI was ruined my credit and for years I kept getting phone calls from collections ffices . I changed my number and address to avoid . Anyway I just got married and my husband want to include in their health insurance because I can not get insurance through my employer without having to pay $ 400 a month. I realized when I got the documents they need all my information including my social security number . I do not mind giving all my information, but I have fear of giving my social security number , because I think Im going to start getting phone calls again from collections office and honestly I can not deal with it as it is over by a lot of frustration and get 5 to 10 calls a day, and as you all know who will not listen when you want to explain what happens. So my question is that it is safe to give my Social Security Number to the health insurance company ?
Health Insurance Policy Number And Subscriber Social Security, where to find it ?1Ulaanbaatar2012-08-02 10:10:03
Where to find this for Insurance CalOptima / Medi -Cal
Can i use my dad social security number under my name?5Abne2012-10-19 08:00:02
¿ I can use my social security number on my father's name?
How will i know somebody is using my social security number?0smartypants2012-07-14 16:56:05
i am kinda paranoid about this... although my ss card is here with me but im freaking paranoid about identity theft. i dont have identity theft insurance bcuz im just a poor guy who cant afford to have it. im earning less than minimum wage.

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