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Q:Adjusted Basis for Investment Property (Not Rental)?0Happy Face!2012-08-09 00:45:02
Q:Adjusted Basis for Investment Property (Not Rental) Asked by JLBROWN22 On Feb 06, 2011 I purchased a bank owned property (house) for the purpose of rehabbing and selling. For determining my adjusted cost basis, am I permitted to include the cost of utilities and insurance I paid during the time I owned the property. It was vacant the entire time and never put up for rent. Thanks, Email: JLBROWN22@YAHOO.COM
Which of the following is an increase to basis when figuring the adjusted basis of property?0patty moss2012-07-26 16:38:03
A. capital improvements B. Insurance Premiums C. Utilities D. all of the above
How do I know if my rental property is a good investment?1reenu2012-09-10 09:45:03
We bought a house 6 years ago for $175k. We did an 80/20 loan and now have $129,470 left on the first lien (5.875% interest rate) and $32,866 left on the second lien (8.75% interest rate). We have been renting another home ourselves in another city. We will purchase something in the next year or so. But my question is... how do we know if the rental property is a good investment? Our payment is about $1600 a month including taxes and insurance and we get $1350 a month in rental income. It is a really old house - so we spend about $800 a year fixing things on it. We haven't received any tax benefits yet because our income has been over $150k per year and there is some tax rule about not being about to recoup the losses if you make too much money. Then there's realtor fees and lost rental income when we switch tenants. We planned on keeping the property for another 15 years or so and then selling it and using the money to pay for our children's college. But seriously, how do you calculate if we will be losing money in the long run by holding on to it? Is there a formula? What type of person could you ask this question? a financial advisor? an accountant? Help!
Insurance on first investment rental property?0Malachi2012-06-21 13:17:44
I'm getting ready to close on my first purchase rental. The property is currently vacant , but is in an area of ​​high demand , so do not expect it to be vacant for more than 60 days. The problem I am finding is that insurance companies now only beginning to ensure the framework of an " abandoned property " policy , which should be converted to a housing policy when the property is rented. I have no problem with this in theory, but the lender requires a 12-month policy for closing. If you buy a policy for 12 months using vacant, lose 25 % of the premium to make a housing policy . I had the broker contact several insurance companies , and policy positions and forfeiture premium seems to be the norm in the industry. I am interested in knowing if anyone else has encountered this and how it was resolved. I really do not want to lose 25% of the premium for the policy if there is a vacancy way to avoid this .
How to determine whether my rental property is a good investment?1Mari2012-10-26 11:34:03
Let's say I'm buying a house for $ 300,000 , with a down payment of 20 % ( $ 60,000 ) . The mortgage I have to pay is $ 1,300 per month. I can rent the property out for $ 1700 per month. From here I have a surplus of $ 400 ( $ 1,700 - $ 1,300 ) per month . But you also have to pay property taxes and fire insurance , totaling about $ 400 per month. So basically all my mortgage and expenses was canceled out - I'm only paying $ 60,000 for payment in advance , while my tenant is paying the mortgage , property taxes , fire insurance and for me MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Now let's say you keep the house for 10 years and then sell it for $ 318,000 (6 % increase) . That 6% is more or less going to the buying and selling agents pocket (each receives 3% , which I think is standard ) . So how I can tell if this is a good investment ? Technically I paid $ 60,000 (20 % surcharge) , bought the house for $ 300,000, 10 years later I get $ 300,000 back ( after 6% agent commission ) , get my $ 60,000 back payment then the rest goes to the bank to pay my mortgage - seems that nothing is gained , but then during the last 10 years do not have to bring anything from my tenant is paying my mortgage + property taxes + fire insurance. How do you calculate the rate of return ? Is it a good investment ?
How valuation of buildings are done in insurance sector?Is it done on the basis RENTAL/ cost of construction.?0Birdy2012-10-02 12:08:03
I have a little knowledge about the actual valuation of theoritical properties.I only need the support of a practice assessor .
Tax Question on property basis?0Marco2012-09-10 06:45:02
residence in year 1 was 105,000. Year 4 deducted a 25,000 casualty loss by flood. (no insurance proceeds) what is his adjusted basis? a) 130,000 b)105,000 c)80,000 d)25,000
All of the following increase the basis of property?0Leez2012-09-30 22:45:02
1. Transport costs MedlinePlus 2. MedlinePlus home loan fees 3. Title insurance premiums MedlinePlus 4. Sales tax ( no income tax state claimed on Schedule A ) MedlinePlus 5. None of the above
Do you think Real estate as rental is a good investment?0kaitlyn2012-07-16 00:18:02
Lets say you buy the house for $93,000 You put 20% down. Your payment is 560 a month, including taxes and insurance. You rent it out for 775 a month
Do you think Real estate as a Rental is a good investment?1ennifer2012-10-28 15:45:03
Lets say you buy the house for $130,000 You put 20% down, your payment including taxes and insurance is 720 per month. YOU rent it out for 940 a month. tenant pays ALL utilities.
Do you think Real Estate as a rental is a good investment?0Meliss2012-09-25 17:16:02
Say you buy the house for $ 130,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus You put a 20% down payment including taxes and insurance is 720 per month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus YOU rent for 940 a month . tenant pays all utilities .
Do you think that real esate as a rental is a good investment?1Two Kinds2012-07-24 21:42:02
Say you buy the house for $ 130,000 You put 20% down payment including taxes and insurance is 720 per month. YOU rent for 940 a month. tenant pays all services.

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