Rash won't go away, too much hydrocortisone cream? related questions

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Rash won't go away, too much hydrocortisone cream?0ahsley2012-08-08 16:15:02
I had the same rash since last year . I have no health insurance because they have not been able to go to the doctors! The rash used to verrrrrrryyyyyy wrong before , but finally I found -10 cortizone cream. It worked beautifully and was the only product that seemed to help the pain and look rashy . But I'm still using and I've read several times that it is wrong to use it for long. I've been using basically every 2 days since I discovered it. Has anyone had a strange rash around his mouth that was raised when irritated ? I do not think it is a food allergy . I have tried to rule out all possibilities , but still do not know what is wrong . For now, I'm stuck to the cream. I do not want to stay there for long. Help !
My son has a red rash under his arm.?0Leondra2012-10-02 15:15:03
The rash has been there for about a month. I don't have medical insurance & my husband has been laid off so I cannot afford medical bills at the moment. The rash is red, blotchy, with a few little clear bumps (kinda looks like warts, but its not). We do live in the woods & it is very hot outside AND he has eczema. I have been using his eczema medicine on this rash, but its not working. Any advice would help. Thank you!
Rash on my penis?!?!?0Jesika2012-08-02 09:38:02
Ok so yesterday my penis was stinging a little but I didn't see anything wrong and today it felt the same all day at work so when I got home and showered (I am uncut) so I pulled my foreskin back and saw a rashlike red area underneath the foreskin! It doesn't really hurt now probably because I put a little anti-itch cream on it. However I don't know what it can possibly be! I am not sexually active at all so it can't be that and also I clean under my foreskin regularly so idk why its there! This happened once already like 2 months ago but it went away after I kept putting some cream on it! I don't have insurance so I cannot go to a doctor I really want to know what is wrong? I'm only 19 help?
I have this rash on my chest.?0Natha2012-07-16 07:39:02
i have this itchy, brown patches/rash between my breasts. they are not painful. i haven't had this in years though, i had it in HS, saw a doctor, he said it was fungus, but then i went to a derm, and he had no idea what it is, but he gave me a cream for it and it went away. what could it be? i cant find a dermatologist within my price range since i have no health insurance. however, if you live NJ and know of any affordable dermatologists near the camden county area, please let me know.
Rash or something all over body that comes and goes....?1Maybug2012-10-25 07:33:04
My husband told me yesterday morning that his hands and feet and itching felt abit swollen. It would come and go. Then in the evening, was covered by a red rash . Some of it was raised and some were not. So I got into the shower and the rash disappeared soon after. Later that night his feet began to itch again and started with something like protrusions. Soaking your feet in a bath of oatmeal. And seemed fine. Then this morning had a few spots of the rash again and now this afternoon the eruption is coming to the point that was yesterday. There is nothing new as far as soaps or detergents or food or anything we havnt been using for years. He says he feels fine, just itchy. Anyone ever have any experience with something like this? Or point us in the right direction . My husband does not have insurance, but if necessary we will go to the Dominican Republic. He will not if it's something simple and with it being the weeked have to wait until Monday. I do not think it's something that bothers the hospital on . Any help is much apprecialted . Thank you very much .
What does this rash sound like to you?0sweet2012-10-02 14:49:02
I have had a rash for about a week and comes in different stages . Right now he is at different stages in different parts of my body , especially my arms and my neck . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Stage 1 . Small flesh colored bumps MedlinePlus Stage 2 . The red bumps and some of them start to ooze MedlinePlus Stage 3 : The Hits develop a "head" . It is something like a tiny crust on top of the bulge . MedlinePlus Step 4 :. The bumps in the skin becomes dry and crunchy MedlinePlus Step 5 :? ? ? I have no idea what will happen next , but hopefully dry skin and crisp just back to normal . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All stages itching. I had gone to a doctor by now , but you can afford it and I can not afford health insurance .
Odd Rash under sides of bottom lip, please help!!?0angle_fire 2012-08-30 02:37:03
I recently moved about six months ago , at the same time I started using a concealer again - do not know if that information helps ... Anyway , when I moved I noticed that my chin (more on both ends of the bottom of my mouth were red and swollen and itchy. While I'm at home and relaxed which is not so irritated , that is only a little red , I tried to put 5 different moisturizers , including lipstick ... Nothing worked . finally went to Urgent Care (pending confirmation to go to a dermatologist insurance ... it sucks . ) and they gave me a steroid cream that helped a little . the problem is that when I leave my house gets so bad , and when I try to cover it with concealer such as white patches of dead skin and really show weakly I'm going crazy , to the point of not wanting to leave. sucks. I can get more every time you have finished eating , or shopping . itches , and I do not know what to do until I go to a dermatologist . Please give me some tips for advice, I thought it was just a rash that would go away, but I've never heard of a rash five months : ! ' (
Itchy torso, no rash?0amad2012-07-12 05:23:02
My entire torso ( back, chest, stomach ) is itchy to the point that I almost went to the hospital . No other part of my body itches at all , arms legs at nothing genitals. Only my torso itches. No rash or redness, and the only visible signs of redness and itching is scratching me scratching. Lately I've been swimming (a lot) and recently started using sunscreen. I used sunscreen 3 times I think , first of all absolutely no problem twice your sunscreen ( Dollar Tree ). I can swim in a public pool in my apartment complex , and sometimes I see no chlorine tablets dissolve in the water fund that makes me concerned that it might be the problem (keeping assured me that its not harmful) . I have not changed my diet at all. The only things that have changed is to swim a lot ( sometimes 3 hours or more per day) , sunscreen, and in the gym more. I'd really like some help here, since they have no health insurance and can not go to the doctor. I've tried Benadryl Medicine is the shape of pills and cream. Does not really work . I can not sleep because of this. Help please :) Oh, and this has been going on for nearly three days
I think i have a big rash on my rear/thigh? help?0Rahul2012-07-18 16:01:03
its been bothering me for about a week... it hurts to sit on and its tender to the touch. i cant see it good but i know its there is there any way to get rid of it? i dont have insurance so i cant go see a doctor. i should call obama and tell him to hurry up on the new healthcare thing cuz i have a rash on my butt. my girlfriend said it looks hideous and she left and said she doesnt wanna hang out til its gone..please help...
I think i have a big rash on my rear/thigh? help?0shun2012-07-18 19:18:02
the has been bothering me for a week ... it hurts to sit on his offer and touch. I can not see the good , but I know it's there Is there any way to get rid of it? I have no insurance so I can not go see a doctor. I call Obama and tell him to hurry to the doctor again Cuz I have a rash on my butt. my girlfriend said it looks terrible and she went and said they do not want to spend the time until your last .. please help ...
My penis has a rash?! HELP URGENT!?0Fani2012-07-12 01:15:02
Today I realized that the tip of my foreskin was a little red (I'm not cut) did not pay mind to it until I got home from work and showered. It does not hurt unless you touch it! It's like a red ring my foreskin ! It is also a bit bloated ! does not hurt to pee ! It hurts if I pull back the foreskin ( I've done this before and it does not hurt ) Any idea what it is? I do not want to extend my entire penis : (.. PS: I have had no sexual activity ever I have no idea where it comes I will put some alcohol on it only ! Case Idk what to do next not have a doctor nor do I have insurance :! (
I have a rash all over my arms and hips?0Quentin2012-08-04 19:48:03
The ones on my hips are round welts about the size of a penny and they have come and gone over the past month or so. This afternoon I noticed I have small bug bite looking bumps all over my left arm. On my upper arm near my arm pit is a large welt type rash a few inches long. It is very itchy and annoying. No one else in my family has this rash so I don't think it's contagious. I have no other symptoms and no known allergies. I also don't have health insurance, so I can't just go see a doctor without getting a huge bill. Also, I am 6 weeks pregnant if that matters. Does anyone have any advice for me? Or an idea of what it could be? Any help would be appreciated.

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