Rash won't go away, too much hydrocortisone cream?

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I had the same rash since last year . I have no health insurance because they have not been able to go to the doctors! The rash used to verrrrrrryyyyyy wrong before , but finally I found -10 cortizone cream. It worked beautifully and was the only product that seemed to help the pain and look rashy . But I'm still using and I've read several times that it is wrong to use it for long. I've been using basically every 2 days since I discovered it. Has anyone had a strange rash around his mouth that was raised when irritated ? I do not think it is a food allergy . I have tried to rule out all possibilities , but still do not know what is wrong . For now, I'm stuck to the cream. I do not want to stay there for long. Help !

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