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I hit a tire with my license plate?1Rosetta2012-09-03 02:28:02
I hit someone's tires in a parking lot and bent outta balance. I'm guessing it has to be balanced or maybe I messed up the Axel. The impact was like 5 mph. We exchanged information and is taking it for review out today. I told him to call me I paid for it instead of going through insurance if your a minor. What is worst to best - of the cases. How much should I expect to pay. The car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla 2008 maybe ?
Can I turn in my specialty license plate and get a standard plate that is cheaper annually? This is a FL plate?1Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-03-23 03:55:57
I can not remember if it's one year to another, or if I signed a contract. Thanks for your help :)
What is the risk in displaying a license plate sticker that doesn't match the license plate number?2chaffinch2012-07-10 19:50:02
My car has expired license plate stickers and not the emissions test , but that repairs would cost much more than the car is worth , I have not got that fixed and retested. So until you have enough money to buy a new car, I'm stuck. My car is still manageable , so I took a chance and went with the label expired , and I ended up getting a ticket while parked. Recently my brother had to get new license plates of your car , just after getting his new label for your old plates . He gave me his label for your old plates , as even he had put in his car yet. It's a real label has been paid. The only badge numbers do not match. So I wonder how close the cops will be on the label and how likely it is that I would discover . If a policeman is my license plate number , he or she sees that it has expired ? Also, what would be the punishment for having a sticker on my car that has a different license plate number ?
Can you order a specialized license plate and keep the original license plate in NC?0Skittles 2012-03-23 07:51:20
I recently got a specialized plate as a gift but I have a plaque today in my vehicle. Do I have to return my original license plate to the DMV in North Carolina and am able to keep the two plates and use only one at my discretion ?
I just reserved my license plate, I buy it from HONOLULU'S on-line special plate order program.?0Cas2012-03-28 12:15:58
I reserved my plate , I buy it online special program of Honolulu to the plate (2 weeks). I want to know how long it can get and how to get it? or WHAT TO DO NOW ?
How much does it cost to change a Louisiana license plate to a Texas plate.& How much time do you have?0Alfred2012-03-01 23:11:44
Me and my husband just moved to Houston from Louisiana. while I know it's not an emergency ... It will be done one day. ws and I was wondering if anyone knew how much it will cost and how long until we do. Thank you.
License Plate Agency miskeyed my plate number and i have paid for a new registration card and stickers ?0lynum2012-06-20 08:08:22
The record label and are not even in my name .. are in someone elses name plate for the mistake miskeyed what we paid for a registration card that was supposed to be in my name, but it is not. I have court on Monday and need fixed this morning . What are my options to get this fixed and I have to go to DMV for this agency or the license plate to handle this, as you only need about 30 minutes to do this before having to go to court to resolve this expired plate stickers load.
How do you change your personalized license plate back to a regular plate?5adder_viper2012-09-06 20:45:02
How to change your custom plate a dish back to normal?
How do you stick the license plate sticker to the plate when the stickers not sticky?0Guardian Angel 2012-06-15 12:15:57
How do you stick the plate to tag the plate when no sticky labels ?
If you live in CT But you purchase your car in NJ Will you get a NJ License plate or a CT License plate?0Katlego2012-06-21 10:41:40
If you live in CT, but the purchase of your car in New Jersey will give you a license plate or a New Jersey license plate TC ?
Can we transfer home (white plate) plate car to taxi plate car?0Juliet2012-01-19 22:07:44
Pls clarify is there a problem with the RTA, if we do. thank u. .
I have a Missouri license plate but a Michigan driver's license. Of which state am I a legal resident??0Chapma2011-12-21 04:42:12

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