Can I get a reward if I tell the insurance company that another Yahoo! User plans to commit fraud? related questions

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Can I get a reward if I tell the insurance company that another Yahoo! User plans to commit fraud?0Elizabeth2012-08-07 04:50:45
I saw a question on Yahoo! Answers someone planning to commit insurance fraud by submitting a false statement in relation to damage to a car. If I send the question and the user name for the major auto insurance companies can determine the true identity of the person from the Yahoo! username , stop fraud if the person is insured by them, and give me a prize? Or do I have to know the true identity of the person, not just the user name , to make the person in the insurance fraud investigators and get a reward?
Someone is try to commit car insurance fraud on my mom?0Chilton2012-10-06 08:15:04
well my mom got in at fault accident she was the only one who was injured the guy who she knocked into was ok no sign of no injury, the guy is suing my moms insurance company (Geico) for possibly more then 10,000 in bodily injury which my mom only has 10,000/ 20,000 in bodily injury, let me say this again the guy is not injured AT ALL!!! The police that wrote up the report at scene will be super great witnesses to the scene the guy was ok, while my poor old mother had get stretched into a ambulance lucky her pip coverage covered her medical bills. Do you guys think he will win his claim with the type witness we have? Also there was a camera that caught the whole scene on video ( so another vital evidence) Is there anyway we can sue this guys for car insurance fraud or can geico do on out behalf?
Someone is try to commit car insurance fraud on my mom?1Cathy2012-04-25 09:18:53
and my mom got in on the accident of guilt that was the only injured the man who hit him was fine no sign of any injury, the boy is suing my mothers insurance company ( Geico ) for possibly more 10,000 in bodily injury that my mother only has 10,000 / 20,000 in personal injury, let me say this again that the type is not injured at all! The officer who wrote the report on the scene will be super great witnesses of the scene the boy was fine, while my poor mother had stretch in an ambulance on the fate of PIP covers your medical expenses. Do you think he will win his claim with the testimony of the kind we have ? There was also a camera that captured the whole scene in the video (in other vital evidence ) Is there any way we can sue these guys for fraud or car insurance can be done for GEICO ?
Is it easy to commit insurance fraud?2chinchilla2012-10-13 05:25:02
Is it easy to commit insurance fraud ?
Who does it impact when people commit insurance fraud?1How to cry Dian L2012-08-02 05:00:52
Who is the impact when people commit insurance fraud ?
Can GMAC be liable for letting someone commit fraud on a credit life insurance policy?1Valerie2012-07-09 17:23:02
Dad bought GMAC Tahoe , they (the distributors, who is known for 30 years ) knowingly new that had all the conditions listed in the application, but still allowed him to apply anyway. 08/09/06 Dad passed , so now send credit life forms wanting to know all the health problems. If there were any problems , then the car is paid off , otherwise my mother will get the $ 2,220 price of the policy. Somehow GMAC should not have fraud charges on them or some kind of consequence. In addition to the distributor, the financial person also knew I had all diseases. How can they leave that apply , whether they have any of the diseases that are denied , and if the answer is no to diseases and credit life wants a history on the applicant , then applicant may get charged with fraud .
What car insurance company would you recommend for a 17 year old user?2Nepal2012-09-13 01:22:04
i was based on his experiences with the service , prices, and overall experience of it. by the way , I live in New Jersey. thank you very much , I just want to plan a bit for my car .
Does a health insurance company have the right to charge a drug user a higher insurance premium?0niecey2012-08-01 12:55:03
Lost ring: reward?2 ㄨ. · Full moon ≒ -2012-08-03 21:58:02
If you have lost an expensive diamond ring , and were reimbursed by your insurance company so , then shortly after found the ring, he returned the money?
Why does the government reward some for being responsible but penalize others?0Jarel2012-08-04 12:50:04
A POLITICAL ROLE OF PRIMARY is to raise money to run the machine of big government . Ayn Randians are fed up , because to be good citizens who penalized.We lose half of our salary to taxes.We public transport , which is hit with rate increases .. We keep our communities safe by practicing good fire safety and low crime rates our reward can mean a fire station closed and fewer police on water conservation street.We to lower water bills and the city increases water rates to offset the money lost and then gives 35 percent of salary increases to the same people that tax us for our home values ​​fell usage.Our water but were affected more use of the property taxes.We less electricity and Ed calls for increased loss of income and improvemnts and city subsidies it.We drive less, which means less gas consumption. the reward? Increased gas taxes and increased tolls of the bridge to compensate for losses.We have clean driving records.Our sure reward ? The high car insurance rates to compensate for all uninsured drivers and lousy . The protesters only people who are receiving social services CUT - Billions of our tax dollars are spent on education.Our reward ? Schools are so insecure they have to pay extra to send our children to private schools . We go through all this, while at the same time as the city pays assumptions needy familes if they bring their children to the doctor or ensures that your child attends school.Why government makes some reward for being responsible , but other penalze ?
Offering a reward to a witness of car accident?1Kali2012-05-04 09:15:16
I need a witness to a car accident he was involved in. I read online that you can make a post in the paper saying that I'm looking for a testimonial and a reward. Is offering a reward of damage to me, anyway? Does the insurance company considered the witness statement is invalid because the reward?
If you find something someone lost do you keep an offered reward?2Alexandria2012-09-28 15:31:03
I pass them up as I would like my property returned someday. What do you think? (I mean from an individual, if an insurance company offered a reward I can see it would be alright to accept it).

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