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I need help with my 12th grade economics (specifically macro-economics) homework!!! Please help!?0Megna2012-09-24 06:57:02
True or realize : Read each statement carefully and check whether it is true or false . If false , change the word in capital letters or words to make the statement true . MedlinePlus 1. Consumers are limited in what they can spend. MedlinePlus 2. A budget is balanced when planned expenditures are higher than expected revenue . MedlinePlus 3. There are two ways in which an individual may earn income : income from property and other goods and labor . MedlinePlus 4. Wages are earned income and are paid on a weekly or monthly basis . MedlinePlus 5. Consumer spending is the largest component of total spending in our economy . MedlinePlus 6. Liability insurance provides car owners with financial protection in case of theft , collision and similar misfortunes . MedlinePlus 7. Advertising seeks to increase the supply , rather than demand for a good or service. MedlinePlus 8. If the interest charged on a loan is 2 percent per month , your APR is 24 percent. MedlinePlus 9. Advertising benefits consumers by providing information on new products .
Economics Question Help?1Daisha2012-09-02 00:12:02
A major difference between social insurance and public assistance is that the: A) former is regarded as an earned right while the latter is public charity. B) latter is regarded as an earned right while the former is public charity. C) latter is financed through earmarked payroll taxes and the former is financed by general tax revenues. D) former are state and local programs while the latter are Federal programs. What is confusing me is the latter and former part of the answers because in my reading it did not state is like this some I do not know what it means.
2 Simple Economics question help please?0alaina2012-09-26 03:15:04
Economists define public goods as A. goods and services that should receive public subsidy such as improved health care and better housing for poor families. B. economic activities that impose costs or benefits on third parties. C. all things the government spends money on. D. goods and services that many people can enjoy at the same time and from which it is difficult to exclude potential customers who do not want to pay. Betty obtains an auto insurance policy and then begins to drive ten miles per hour faster on the highway. This behavior is indicative of: A. adverse selection. B. social insurance. C. moral hazard. D. speculation.
Can anyone help me with this economics question? 10 points?0jisun2012-09-26 21:45:03
Which of the following is an example of a moral hazard problem ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. a person in poor health who buys life insurance MedlinePlus 2. a person who pays taxes on the purchase of a carton of cigarettes MedlinePlus 3. a person who buys auto insurance and more reckless driving MedlinePlus 4. a person who receives a subsidy from the federal government to insulate a house
Economics Question: Are people with higher deductibles on auto insurance wealthier?0Help proofread?2012-10-10 15:39:54
In economic terms MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus False MedlinePlus example of adverse selection : True True : it is a consequence of how risk aversion is related to income MedlinePlus True : This is a phenomenon of moral hazard
Help with economics!!?1Pupitas2012-09-01 13:25:02
1 . If leisure is a normal good , an increase in wages results in an income effect that causes the amount of labor supplied : A) increase. B) decrease. C ) remain unchanged. D ) changing in a way which can not be predicted without additional information. 2 . If leisure is a normal good, the labor supply curve is upward sloping : A) in all possible wage rates for all individuals . B ) only when the substitution effect exceeds the income effect. C ) Only when the income effect exceeds the substitution effect. D ) under any circumstances. 3 . The non-wage labor costs include : A) hiring costs . B ) the costs of training. C ) the costs associated with employer-provided health insurance provided to all workers. D) All of the above are correct. E) None of the above is correct. 4 . In the two-period model discussed in the text , a company has some of the training costs if payment of wages , Wo is A) equal to MPO - Z. B ) greater than MPO - Z. C ) less than MPO - Z. D) None of the above is correct. 5 . As a result of the existence of specific training signature , it is expected that: A) decrease productivity during a recession. B ) The productivity increase during an economic expansion. C ) the use will be more stable over the business cycle in those occupations where there is major investment in the company specific training. D) All of the above are correct.
economics help02018-01-03 09:22:41
Help on Economics HW Q's?0Ngo2012-10-05 10:45:04
16. If a successful union urges consumers to boycott products produced by non-union workers, the wage elasticity of labor demand is reduced union: MedlinePlus one. Under no circumstances MedlinePlus b. Because the effect of scale as a result of a change in wages will be lower in magnitude since the boycott reduces the price elasticity of demand for production MedlinePlus c. Because the substitution effect in the labor market as a result of a change in wages will be lower in magnitude since the boycott reduces the price elasticity of demand for production MedlinePlus d. Because labor demand falls in response to boycott MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 17. Union sponsored boycotts of goods made by nonunion workers affect the elasticity of demand for unionized workers to affect: MedlinePlus one. Substitution effect on the labor market MedlinePlus b. Scale effect in the labor market MedlinePlus c. None of the above is correct MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 18. A national labor market is more likely to exist when MedlinePlus one. There are many employers and employees in the most MedlinePlus b. Relatively few employers and employees in most regions MedlinePlus c. Most senior positions in companies are filled by promotions within MedlinePlus d. None of the above is correct MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 19. Economic theory predicts that the overall training costs would be: MedlinePlus one. workers by MedlinePlus b. Paid MedlinePlus companies c. Shared between workers and firms d. None of the above is correct MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 20. During a recession, companies are more likely to dismiss workers who possess: MedlinePlus one. Only company-specific training MedlinePlus b. MedlinePlus only general training MedlinePlus 21. Productivity is likely to decline more during a recession to labor markets where workers have a high level: MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus general training b. Signature MedlinePlus specific training c. MedlinePlus either general or specific training in a company d. None of the above is correct MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 22. Suppose some previously discouraged workers start looking for work because they become more optimistic about their job prospects. The immediate effect of this is expected to be: one. An increase in the unemployment rate. MedlinePlus b. A decrease in the unemployment rate. MedlinePlus c. An unemployment rate unchanged. MedlinePlus d. A reduction in the rate of labor participation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 23. The introduction of government-mandated health insurance for all employees would result in a substitution effect: MedlinePlus one. Increases employment and increases the duration of the working week. MedlinePlus b. Lower employment and reduces the length of the workweek from MedlinePlus c. Reduces employment and increases the length of the working week d. Increases employment and reduces the duration of the working week. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 24. As the wage increases, the quantity demanded of labor will be reduced: MedlinePlus A. Under no circumstances MedlinePlus B. Only if the substitution effect exceeds the current scale. MedlinePlus C. Only if the scale effect exceeds the substitution effect MedlinePlus D. As a result of the effects of both the substitution and scale. MedlinePlus 25. Statistical discrimination is expected to be _______ in companies that rely on the use of internal labor markets. MedlinePlus one. More likely MedlinePlus b. Less likely MedlinePlus c. MedlinePlus also likely MedlinePlus 26. An increase in mandated overtime premium is expected to cause the number of people with jobs: MedlinePlus one. Rise, provided the replacement effect is greater than the scale effect MedlinePlus b. Arise, provided that the scale effect is greater than the substitution effect. MedlinePlus c. MedlinePlus unchanged d. Fall MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 27. The substitution effect associated with a decrease in salary is expected to cause the quantity of labor demanded by a typical company: MedlinePlus one. Increase MedlinePlus b. Decrease MedlinePlus c. MedlinePlus remain constant d. change in an unpredictable way MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 28. The effect of scale associated with an increase in salary is expected to cause the quantity of labor demanded by a typical company: MedlinePlus one. Increase MedlinePlus b. Decrease MedlinePlus c. Remains constant MedlinePlus d. The change in an unpredictable manner MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 29. As the wage rate increases: one. The substitution effect reduces the quantity of labor demanded MedlinePlus b. The scale effect reduces the quantity of labor demanded MedlinePlus c. The two above are correct d. None of the above are correct MedlinePlus 30. Which of the following is not correct to characterize the general trends in labor force participation rates in the last 50 years? MedlinePlus one. The participation rate has fallen for married women MedlinePlus b. The labor force participation has declined in men between the ages of 18 and 21. MedlinePlus c. The rate has declined in men 65 years or older. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I just want to check my answers against you so if you can answer any or any that would be great. Thank you!
Few questions... economics?0helpyyy2012-09-20 15:57:02
91) A ______ is anything that could make it more difficult for a competitor to enter a market MedlinePlus a) MedlinePlus monopolistic input b) marginal revenue c) Barrier to entry MedlinePlus d) Perfect competition market MedlinePlus I chose B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 92) A good example of monopolistic competition is MedlinePlus a) A restaurant area MedlinePlus b) the life insurance companies MedlinePlus c) insurance companies auto MedlinePlus d) lawyers MedlinePlus I chose B MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 93) the four main types of market structure are MedlinePlus a) perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. MedlinePlus b) land, labor, capital and know-how. MedlinePlus c) average, market, market equilibrium, balance and marginal product MedlinePlus d) the marginal cost, revenue, product and price MedlinePlus I chose C MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 94 The marginal revenue is generally MedlinePlus a) less than the average cost MedlinePlus b) greater than the price of MedlinePlus c) less than the price of MedlinePlus d) less than the marginal product MedlinePlus I chose C MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 95) The profit-maximizing rule says that a seller will expand production to the point: MedlinePlus a) where marginal revenue equals price MedlinePlus b) marginal revenue equals marginal cost MedlinePlus c) when the marginal cost equals price MedlinePlus d) when the marginal cost exceeds marginal revenue. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus chose B MedlinePlus 96) Market power is MedlinePlus a) the combination of price and product MedlinePlus b) the balance between average and marginal product MedlinePlus c) another term for balance d) the ability to raise prices above the level that would produce perfect competition MedlinePlus chose D MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 97) when firms have market power, they are able to change a price higher than the price of perfect competition. This is expressed graphically with market equilibrium MedlinePlus a) goes right MedlinePlus b) go left MedlinePlus c) maintain the same MedlinePlus d) vertically curved MedlinePlus I chose C MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 98) Suppose that all the restaurants in town get together and agree to increase the price of dinner for $ 15 from $ 10. What can happen? MedlinePlus a) The earnings decline MedlinePlus b) wholesale costs increase MedlinePlus c) a lower number of meals served MedlinePlus d) the city would be happier MedlinePlus chose D MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 99) A profitable business will attract MedlinePlus ) new competitors b) Government regulation MedlinePlus c) increasing marginal income MedlinePlus d) existing businesses MedlinePlus I chose C MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 100) In perfect competition, higher cost firms MedlinePlus a) prosper and grow MedlinePlus b) increase the marginal income MedlinePlus c) tend to go bankrupt if you can adjust MedlinePlus d) tend toward oligopoly MedlinePlus I chose C MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I chose the answers .. but not sure if .. any help would be great ... thanks
Economics - Aplia?0luiz2012-08-10 00:14:02
Joni drives a yellow cab in Seattle , where you can charge a fee of $ 1.25 per mile. She is willing to work 8 hours a day. During an 8 hours, get paid for driving a total of 300 kilometers. The cost of operating the taxi is $ 0.25/mile on gas , $ 0.40/mile in general maintenance, and $ 50 in insurance each day. Joni has the option of working at McDonalds for 8 hours a day , earning $ 5.75 an hour . Others working at McDonalds would like to be able to drive a taxi, but the government will not give any more licenses for taxi drivers. Joni has no other employment options. What is your economic daily gain to drive a taxi?
What is it called economics?0tre2012-08-17 08:48:02
What is it called when someone overvisits the doctor because he has no health insurance so big? and how this affects Docters and the economy in general?
Need some help in Micro Economics?0scooby913200022012-07-16 04:05:02
I have to stay with the following questions: (Lesson: Introduction Elasticity) - The health emergency room tends to have a demand curve is steep, while elective surgery does not. Why? In addition, insurance and health care spending holidays tend to have a negative cross elasticity of demand prices of many people. Why? - The cross-price elasticity of demand between the fishing line and fishing lures tend to be negative. This means that: A-Line and lures are complementary to each other. B-Line and lures are substitutes of each other. C-Line and lures are inferior goods. D-Line and lures are normal goods. E-Line and lures are a must. (Proof of Consumer and producer surplus) - Suppose that the University of Oklahoma, choose to modify your class schedule for the separation of students based on the number of credit hours they have accumulated. Students with less than 15 credit hours to obtain a 13% reduction in tuition, while students with 45-90 and over 90 credit hours compared to an increase in enrollment of 22 and 71% respectively. Fully explain whether this pricing strategy is based on a sound understanding of the price elasticity of demand, or not. - The state of California recently considered passing a tax on physician services in that state in order to increase revenue to pay for universal health coverage for California residents. Suppose that the average open-heart surgery costs $ 100,000, and at that price of 23,339 surgeries are performed each year. For the purposes of this discussion, assume that people could get operation elsewhere. What curve in the graph of supply and demand would shift? What happens to the surplus of the producer and the consumer? What about the deadweight loss? Explain in detail what the most likely outcome in this market, if a tax surgeries are performed. Use a chart if that helps. THANKS FOR THE HELP

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